Second Best

I once had a favorite pair of shoes They were dark chestnut, flat, lace-up booties I wore them to extinction Ever year around Fall I search for a pair of boots to replace them I search with hope and vigor, but alas I cannot find them I search, but damn it, I cannot find them […]



I said your name today But it wasn’t for you No, it’s never for you That would imply that we’re ever in the same room I thought of you every time it left my lips I felt guilt overwhelm me as it left my lips Did he feel the sting of your name too? Did […]


Of Course Not

You sit on the edge of the bed bare My eyes trace the outline of your tattoo The black lines that mark your family line Could I be in it? If I traced your veins One by one Back to your heart Could I be in it? If I asked you every question Every question […]