Thanks for the Distance

I’m finally learning to hold my tongue Much tighter than I ever held you I’m realizing that I’ve fought harder to let you go than I did to let you stay Because losing you was the last resort But losing you was the last straw I’m finally learning how to love you From afar, of […]



I said your name today But it wasn’t for you No, it’s never for you That would imply that we’re ever in the same room I thought of you every time it left my lips I felt guilt overwhelm me as it left my lips Did he feel the sting of your name too? Did […]


E is for Elliott

This is how I know that love is a choice The beginning of relationships are beautiful. The newness is exciting. The excitement is breathtaking. It is breathtaking how much you can love someone new, so quickly. Deciding to love someone, the same someone, for an extended period of time is the hardest commitment. Long term […]