Quarantine & ME

Let’s just say I’ve been training for this my whole life. I am grateful to have a job that is 1) essential, and 2) that allows me to work from home. As quarantine began, my body also succumbed to a sickness that had been trying to overcome me for what seems like month. I am […]


I is for Indifference

I think I am more afraid of running into you Instead of any natural disaster Or sudden death Is it natural? Is it normal? That I call you by your name? Yet I only utter that name about three times a year Another December passes And onto February We’re both a year older I feel […]


G is for Grandma

It has been almost five years since my Grandmother passed away. With each day that passes, her memory becomes only more beautiful, more meaningful, and more enlightened – she was the most gentle force my world has ever seen. All that she was is everything I hope to emulate. She is who I hope to […]